A Journey Just Begun

The name of الله Allāh, written in Arabic call...

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My soul has escaped a world of no purpose, no reason, no destiny

I have grown wings and pushed forward

Discovered a new way of life

Walked upon a new path of new light

An identity that defines and redefines who I am

I walk amongst a billion others like myself

We all come from different places

Different places around the world

Some of us have came from a place of darkness too

Rediscovering the fitra we were born in

Wanting to come back to the way that is true

I just started this journey four years ago

A journey of surprises






I look up at the sky and look at the creation around me

To understand that I and You and Him and Her were created from dirt and made to serve the Almighty, The First, The Last, the Sustainer, The Merciful, The Gracious



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