A Quick Chat

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Walking from class

We met again

Well, for the tenth time or so

My Saudi sister

I see her

She sees me

We both giggle and smile from afar

We give each other the greeting

She takes my hand and I shake it

Masha’ALLAH is what I say

We exchange a few words between my break and her time before studying

She gives me M & M’s and I give her “thank you”

She tells me of her trips to Turkey and Europe

and I smile

Two Muslimahs enjoying each other’s company

In the middle of our conversations we meet other sisters

Assalamu alaikum is what we say

Wa alaikum salaam is how they respond back

They wave and smile and continued about their day

A nice break from the day is what I say

Our days are long and worn down because of work and school tasks

But seeing others like yourself reminds you that this dunya is temporary

And there is more than just this

The sister and I depart once again

With smiles on our faces

And Love in our hearts

My sister in Islam

My sister in Deen



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