Beautifully Wrapped

The Bazaar of Kashan, Iran, with women wearing...

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Assalamu alaikum sis,

She smiles at me

Wa alaikum salaam

I smile back

Her hijab complements her face and adds a touch of glamour to her face

She looks at me and complements my style….

We both say, ” We look good”

Covered girls are what we are.

Beautifully wrapped in our outergarments

Ready for the world in front of us

Proud to say ” We are Muslim

Our trust lies with ALLAH

Our reliance is surely with him ALONE

Our fear of others and their comments are absent from our hearts

We walk amongst those that expose their bodies and beauty

But we….well, we are Muslimahs

Beautifully wrapped up and gorgeous

Obeying our Lord

Respecting our beauty

and conscious that our minds are more prized than our bodies.


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