Back In HighSchool

Girl wearing a hijab in the Philippines.

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We all were Muslimahs

We talked

about tv

about school

about worldly things

But I wanted something

I wanted to know about me

about this deen

I struggled in wanting you guys to help me

to guide me

I was invited to my 1st Eid party

the music was playing

the girls took off their hijabs

the women were plucking their eyebrows

the henna was being applied

I looked around

I reflected

You invited me to your home

you invited her girls

kafr and muslim

they gossiped

they danced the night away with the music


I wanted someone to help me

to guide me

I was Muslim, but that wasn’t enough

I wrote you notes asking to help me

to guide me

you never responded back to my calls

I suggested we all pray at school since there was no time after

Only 1 sister came, but soon left me because she was scared to be singled out amongst the others

I quickly realized that having friends meant more than having just Muslimahs

but having ones that can increase your faith

I didn’t know then

I didn’t understand why

But when I am told to choose them wisely

Now I now

Our friends can either make or break up

Our friends can either want this dunya or want the hereafter

So now…

I have fewer friends before

Not many

But enough to say I am strong upon my deen

to know that a friend should be one to motivate you

to guide you

to signal out to you that this world is short and temporary

and there is no time

for the believer to spend it on the worldly life



2 thoughts on “Back In HighSchool

  1. Always positive girlll, masha Allah i just love everything in this blog, may Alla reward you with the best in this world and the hereafter. ameen.

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