I Was Asked

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She faced me

She smiled

” Why do you sit by yourself at lunch because I can’t do it?”

I smiled back

I looked at her

I prefer to preserve and protect my deen

“What do you mean?”

My company is for those who reminds me of this deen

” There are good Non-Muslims”

Yes, there are nice Non-Muslims, but my need for worldly conversation is not in my heart

We can have fun

We can play and joke and do the lawful things

But sitting and befriending Non-Muslims will only increase your love of this world

” Well, why don’t you sit with some Muslims”

Well, there are plenty Muslims but how many are practicing?

Our company should be of those who can increase our faith, can motivate us, and who can strengthen us.

So, I prefer to just sit by myself.

Looking around

Observing how Islam have changed my life, even if it means sitting by myself

” Oh, I understand.”


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