Teacher of Truth

White desert near to Baharia, Egypt

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Full of life and passion

Her voice moves the weak

Moves the harden

Wakes up the dead

We listen attentively to her daily

Seeking her knowledge

Seeking her guidance

Some of us converted

in need of a path to travel down

our need for knowledge is as urgent as a beduoin need for water in a hot desert

She pulls us up from the depths of hell

giving us light to see

allowing us to realize truth from falsehood

reminding us to be on guard against the shayateen and those who will pull us down


We tune in from different places globally to listen to her

To remember our duty to ALLAH

to learn about our religion

Sometimes we have those days in which our jinns try to keep us down

but the strength that one gets from this teacher of knowledge

keeps us firm and strong


We log in

Give our salams to the muslims

and wait

So the angels can bat their wings and make du’a for us


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