The Sweetness of Food

Minarets at Dawn - Medina, Saudi Arabia

I met different sisters

From different cultures

Different places around the world

I’ve met sisters from Latin America, Europe, America, Africa, Afghanistan, Bangledesh, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, and etc

I’ve experienced different foods

Tried different foods

And have taken great love for these foods

My parents will tell you that I love to eat different international foods

and Love to try and make different foods when visiting them

My newest spice:

Zaatar and Tandoori

Zaatar: LOVE IT on my pita

Tandoori: Great on chicken

Beautiful food from all over

Beautiful ways of cooking


Because I have met beautiful sisters from all over the world.

Just visit your local mesjid or halal market

And you’ll find sisters from every place around the globe

Just waiting to tell you their secret spices to go to that great recipe


One thought on “The Sweetness of Food

  1. As-salaamu alaikum great post sis, mashallah this makes me hungry! Are u recommending those spices zaatar + tandoori? Hmmmm inshallah i might have to try them out some day!

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