We Kick Rocks

Little girl in white in Medina.

Image via Wikipedia

We go out by the lake

to kick rocks

It reminds us of the days in which

the boys would play with girls

and the girls would play with boys

As we grew older,

our momma and father separated us from the lake

they told us that we are too old to play with boys now

we soon began wearing hijab and covering our bodies

the same girls and boys at the lake played together

Tim, Sarah, Aziza, and Zaid

they asked why we don’t play anymore

they asked why we cover now

they asked why we pray now

they asked why we fast in ramadan

We didn’t say anything, but give our salams

They continued about their way

Playing and laughing and forgetting about their obligations

You can hear them laughing and giggling all day

by the lake

Sometimes you would see them kissing or holding hands with one another

We were told by our parents to take heed to what we are seeing

This world will race pass us

This life we live is nothing but tests and trials

We should strive to be close to our Lord

My friend is soon going to move away from me because she just got married

I will just be here alone

with my parents and siblings

I love my sister alot because she was there when I wanted to go out to the lake and play

but she reminded me that the lake was only the playground for dunya

I didn’t really understand what she or my parents meant by that

I used to play there along with my friend at the lake until we became 7.

Our parents told us we are becoming women.

We didn’t understand what that meant

Until we saw the looks that Zaid and Tim gave Sarah and Azizah

Or the way that Azizah and Sarah would play with their hair and blush

My mom and her mom didn’t know we knew these things

but we saw as we got older how the lake turned our old friends into chasers of the dunya

Thats when my friend wanted to get married.

She was a smart girl and knew her deen.

She always told me to learn mines even when she was gone

I know I can call or visit, but now she is married- It’s different.

So, when I come home from school I look outside and see them playing by the lake, ignoring the adthan, not fasting ramadan, and playing with each other as if they were kids, but I remember…

What my parents and my friend had told me..

This world is nothing but a trial for the believer

So you have to stand strong even if you are alone



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