Dunya Slave

Interior of the Krekelstraat Mosque, Nijmegen,...

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We are in this dunya

We spend of what we have

Either for our needs

Either for the sake of ALLAH

or for the sake of just spending

We are in this world

for a temporary time

Our lives are either spent serving our Creator

Or serving the desires that resides in our hearts

Our lives are filled with temptations

from within

or from the surroundings we are in

So simple to give in

So easy to say yes to the forbidden things

But so hard to say no

The ProphetSAW told us that the hellfire is surrounded by passions and desires, but paradise is surrounded by hardship and trial

The path to paradise isn’t easy

Nothing that is good comes easy

As we walk throughout the path to paradise, our lives will be tested over and over again

Or we going to serve ALLAH or this dunya?


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