The Beauty and Wisdom of Al-Islam

Happy Ramadan my dear Muslim and Muslima friends

Image by Ginas Pics via Flickr

Ibn Qayyim writes: If you reflect on the overwhelming and dazzling wisdom within this upright religion; this pure path and shariah brought by the ProphetSAW of which no expression can contain its perfection, no depiction can grasp its beauty and nothing more superior can be thought up by the minds of the learned even if they were all to be collectively assembled into the mind of the most perfect of them.


Some search for the meaning of life.

Confused about left from right

Seeking guidance from philosophers and politicians

Traveling the earth for answers of purpose

Answers of their existence


We understand that Islam

Our way of life

Is complete

Perfected in detail

Given an excellent example by our ProphetSAW

Shown truth from falsehood

Given answers to question that others search a lifetime for

Understanding that Islam

Is simple





A way of life that gives us purpose

A way of life that gives us completeness

A way of life that gives us true understanding

Of this world

And who we are as individuals

And who we are as Muslims

Servants and Slaves of ALLAH


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