His Love: His Wife

Muslim Family in the Park

He loves her

He kisses her forehead as she falls asleep next to the window

Making du’a that his wife gets the best of jannah

As she awakes he hands her a cup of hot green tea wrapped with his love

Their children sneaks around the corner to see their parents wrapped up together like a present

Both of the parents call their names to join

Little Umar and Sophia runs and races to their mother’s place

She laughs

Her husband laughs

Their love for life is filled with joy, but tests and tribulation

A month prior her husband took a second wife, but their love for life, for Islam is undescribeable

He looks into his wife’s eyes and tells her ” Oh, How I love you! I love you for the sake of my Lord

She smiles back

Cries and replies back

“Oh Akhi, I love you to for the sake of ALLAH”

They rejoice in the company of their children

Sitting and watching the sun at its peak

Witnessing a father chasing down the street his daughters

While his son is tugging at his pants wanting to join in the fun

The adhan sounds for Asr and the father prepares his leaving with his son to the mesjid

Sophia and her mother prepares for their wudu

Get the salams to the father and son

And stands in salat

Remembering their Lord

and the Last Day


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