Her Recitation-That Hour

my friend Dima Bitar

She stands in a crowd

Of sisters

Glorifying her Lord in poetry

Describing the day in which a mother will sell her own baby

Describing a day in which our own accounts will be asked about

She cries

Gasping for air

Realizing that each and every one of our hours will come

She grabs hold to the mike

Shaking and trembling

Realizing that such a day will come

Understanding that our deeds will be tabulated

Taking notice that our sins will be asked about

Seeing people in the hellfire or in the Jannah

She praises ALLAH

Alhumdulilah Rabil-Alameen

She smiles

She wipes her face

And looks in the crowd of familiar and unfamiliar face

Noticing tears and unrelenting pain across the audience

Her fear of ALLAH increases

Silently she asks for his forgiveness

She stands on a stage

Facing everyone

Realizing that we will only be the one standing Before ALLAH

without parents

without friends

without our pets

We will be held accountable for our own on that Day


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