Luisa: My Little Sunshine

Chantek! ;)

Image by Nono Fara via Flickr

Luisa smiles

Even though I can’t see her

She rejoices in her love for her language and her culture


She understands that life is about living

But living is about obeying

The one who created you and me

Making one realize that tests comes and goes

Encouraging others like herself to strive up and to conquer this dunya

To sacrifice the worldly delights

for a chance to see their Lord



Up and above worldly conversations comes la mujer

Who proclaims her love for Islam

Her love for this way of life

She may cry

Or get sad

But she is funny and smart

A combination of being feisty and zesty

Wishing for others to follow the middle path

of our Beloved ProphetSAW


Some place

She resides

with a smile from me

Wishing her the best of this life and the hereafter

Hasta prontos


To: Luisa


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