My 1st Eid

Eid Ul-Fitr meal

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I smiled

And couldn’t believe it

My first Eid

Racing mentally through my mind what to expect

Forgetting left from right

Jumping up and down


Just me

It would be just me

And my friends

I went to the Eid Prayer

and saw many people




or just Hijab

Salwar Kameez




Or just a dress

Children running away anxious for their gifts

Women chattering away, not missing a beat

The men give their salams to each other

Dressed elegantly

In cultural attire

The imam stands giving the takbirs

I sit and wonder what he was saying

People beside me were talking

The women.


As more come and go

I look around

The imam then prepares for the salat

I stand

and I pray next to my sister from a place far from me

I hold quiet and concentrate on my salat

As we finish the salat

I see sisters I know

and meeting sisters I didn’t know

Beautiful colors

Beautiful ways of dress

A beautiful day

As the day continued one

I just could only say

” Wow, a beautiful way of life”



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