She Walks Alone

Her heart is filled with joy

With certainty

with purpose

As she travels she walks alone

Her fight with inner desires is overcome with the remembrance of her Lord

She watches as they fill their 7 intestines

As they drink from the cup of sin

As they prostrate to the world in front of them

As they take this world for play and amusement

She watches from afar at a people who spends their lives in this world as if it was eternal paradise

She wreckons that they are truly misled

They turn to her in utter remiss

They laugh at her

Point fingers


and comment

But surely, she understands that this world is nothing but a test

A test of our loyalty

A test of our faith

A test of how we live with desires and wants

Carefully, she walks amongst this earth as a stranger

Understanding that one day her time will come

In which the angel of death will come to take her soul


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