A Muslimah’s Worth

20090705-125850 Muslim family in King William ...

Image by DruhScoff via Flickr


Without a need for an introduction.

These are the women of our nation.

Dressed in their outergarments.

Prostrating upon the ground to worship their Lord.

Teaching the muslimeens of the next generation.

Volunteering their time to their mesjids.

Undergoing struggles in their everyday lives for the sake of ALLAH.

Teaching their daughters to be strong, to be bold, to be knowledgeable about their deen

Teaching their sons how to be leaders, to lead a community, to worship in the mesjid next to the brothers and in front of his Lord

Everyday she is sure to strive and to struggle.

She is sure to know her purpose

To understand that her purpose in life is to worship her Lord.

Knowing that one day her children, her husband, her friends, her wealth may be a test to her.

So she pushes

She pushes forth in this deen

Conquering all

Fighting to see the face of her Lord.


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