Pondering the Creation of Allah

Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth' at the San Diego H...

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I look out my window to examine the world around me.

The streets are occupied by ongoing traffic

The sidewalks are scarred by the feet of pedestrians

The skies are being taken over by the prostrations of ALLAH’s angels

The stars at night brightens the darkness that appears

The lights apears from the porches of neighbor’s homes

Childrens sleep in the comfort of their homes

Mothers and fathers talk amongst themselves

The candles are blown out

The food is covered

The doors are locked

The day starts again

The sun arises to share its light

The birds chirp to wake up the mumineen for fajr

The sounds of sizzling food being made by the mothers of this ummah awakens the soul

Another day in which we ponder the creation of ALLAH.


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