Being Muslim and Having Faith

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our lives fly pass us quickly
sadly, we forget the reality
of how our lives are meant to be lived for one reason
this is not the time to tis the season
take heed to his sign
to his ayat
that this world is nothing but amusement and play, and mutual boasting
we are to be muslims
a nation
that will placed above all overs
is what we have
faith and belief
in the one real God
in his messengers
in his angels
in the books he revealed
in yawma qiyaama(day of judgment)
in his qadr(decree)
We understand that this world is paradise for the ones who disbelieve
and hell for the one with taqwa
“la ilaha illallah” is what we believe
to spend our time here
in this temporary and short world
to worship and believe in allah
follow his guidance of Rasululah and his Message(Umm Kitab)
Ya Allah!
We live and we die
We come and to him we return

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