A Man Stuck Between Two Worlds

Rahim Fazel of Rapouts

Rahim Fazel of Rapouts (Photo credit: @superamit)

I look into his face to see fear, passion, hurt, and mystery
A story that will always be untold
A chapter of his life that will never be written on paper
That will never be hidden on a study-guide or an exam
For fear of what may become exposed.
His destination is unknown
His path is shaky
A journey to somewhere, but yet still stuck guessing and questioning
Stuck between his native land and his new home which will never bear his roots
Which will never taste like the spices he once knew to warm his soul?
Which will never feel like the desert wind that would wipe across his face?
Which will never feel like home?
He’s been uprooted and torn from his foundation
Feelings of isolation and a lack of connection between him and these new people
This new world unknown, but yet so promising.
Does he lie down at night crying or meditating on his next step?
Does he wrap his arms around his body to comfort the pain that lies deep inside?
Or does he look in the mirror to see a man that feels like a little boy needing a little self-assurance?
Or does he write on the pages of his notebook about the progress he has made thus far?
Or will the angels find him gliding his fingers against the Arabic script of the Qur’an reciting the words of His Lord?
Or will the angels find his tears comforting him as he cries out for the guidance of Ar-Rahman Ar -Rahim?
Or will he be sitting down…alone…stuck and without words?


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