A Woman and Her Thoughts

The smell of hot, fresh fish lingers through the air as the sound of the television resonates in the background. A girl or better yet, a young woman awakens to a world before her. In the mirror is the image of a woman, but in her heart is a 20 years old girl that has come to age. She doesn’t know if this image is true or just her imagination. Is she really the woman that appears before this glass mirror with hips that will surely arouse a man? Or a mind that has developed its own line of thoughts in regards to the world in front of her? Or a heart that is still new to hurt and pain? She looks onto the mirror to see a young girl that is not a girl anymore, but not yet a woman, but in between. She is still stuck between her childish ways and the world. She is certainly tempted by her mother’s cooking, but by the desires that lies within her soul. She hears her cell-phone ring to only see the number of her guardian that will soon marry her to the man she has been in talks with for the last few months.  She is stuck.  Certain of the choice she is about to make, but still questioning if she is truly the woman that everyone else sees on the outside. 


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