Ramadhan Gifts

For some, Ramadhan is a time in which special food is prepared and served as families come together to break a day-long fast.

For others, Ramadhan is a time in which ibaadah, or worship is increased to gain His rewards and mercy.

For Nasir, Ramadhan has always been a time to spend with His Lord.

He doesn’t expect extravagant meals to be cooked, friends to come over to socialize with, or gifts to be given to him.

His longing for Allah’s mercy has been his goal for the last few years since his beloved Hajir died from cancer.

She was only twenty-eight years old and a woman of righteousness and beauty.

They had been married for ten years and he has never met a slave of Allah with such love and passion for Islam, but since Hajir’s death he understood that death can come to us all at any moment.

Nasir is a quiet man with little needs that spend his nights in prayer and du’a asking Allah to give him Jannatul-Firdaws.

His tears are only remnants of the love that he has for his Lord.

His heart remains overflowing with a joy that can only be filled with worship.

Some cannot understand why Nasir is quiet these days and remains in his home outside of working and attending the masjid for salawat.

For Nasir, His home is his safe haven from the world and its fitna.

Unlike last Ramadan, Nasir will be spending this upcoming Ramadan with his new wife Julie.

Julie, just like Nasir, is not into gifts, cooking extravagant meals, or socializing, but working towards the hereafter.

Julie, like Nasir, had a husband that died from illness, and like Nasir, she has learned the importance of living a worthwhile life.

Their Ramadhan gifts are simply to give another day to their love in seeking his Mercy and his Love. 


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