War-Torn Hearts

Too many do not understand our lives

Many rally and protest on our behalf

But they do not understand

Our pain extends in the morning through the nights

Lives will forever be changed.

Warm homes have become cold and soul-less.

Schools are dreary places where teachers are done teaching lessons, but students are getting first-hand experience in missiles, sudden attacks on homes, death, and war-fare.

Please make du’a for us.

Allah is the Giver and Taker of Life.

Our lives will never be the same

The warm smell of fresh bread being made by the local baker will never smell fresh again as the air is producing remnants of blood that has been shed by enemies at our home-fronts.

Tanks that surround the places we once visited often are now scenes of grief for us as our homes are intruded by those that do not understand us.

Our dead bodies are scattered across televisions, social-networks, and websites as if death is something that should be displayed like art-work at a museum.

Our tears run deep, but our pride will never allow our tragedy to stop us from being strong Muslims.

As you watch from your television screens, your computers, and your cell-phones remember we will always stand firm.

So don’t cry for us, but make du’a for us.

Let the one in whose Hand is our lives hear your prayers for He can only change the condition of a people.



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