A Wife’s Supplication

My heart races


Tears hesitating to leave these eyes

For I fear that my tears may be a sign of being ungrateful for the blessing you have given me

My Lord, My husband has given me his whole life

He has never placed upon me any burden

Any difficulty

Tells me I am his queen

Ultimately, your servant

And that he wouldn’t be satisfied with himself until He stands before you and gets your approval of his efforts in this world

My Lord, Am I a burden upon this man, my husband?

His hands has not stop working and his arms have forever warmed me

For every tear I have cried he has caught

Every morning in which I wake I am given tea to begin my day with

Even when we rise for the night prayer

And his body is heavy with fatigue

 He never makes his way to sleep until I am tucked away in our bed

My Lord, please ease the burden of my husband for I have never seen a man like this

His eyes are well-pleased when he sees me

Never does he raise a hand at me

Speaks to me in a disrespectful way

Nor say I have disgraced him

My Lord, we may not have much, but I pray for him and I ask of you if you can give him the highest of jannah and may you be pleased with him, for as his wife, I am well-pleased with Him.



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