Children of Mental-Imprisonment

She is trapped

Mentally locked away in her mind

Her mind is a victim of absent-parent-syndrome

The tears that escapes her eyes run red

She is dying from rapid blood-loss

Her parents are lost

Confining themselves to their own mental prison

Living for the life of this world

A mother that is barely home

Too busy to write a note, to say “I love you”

No time to know the mother in which breasts she was weaned from

A father that has yet to show his face even though he lives right down the street

Who are these people she asks

This woman that has declared herself to be her mother

A man who has not yet decided if he wanted to be a father, a man or just a little boy leaping in and out of women’s lives

leaving seeds to be raised without the wisdom a father

a true man as a role-model

Streams of tears races and pours out of her eyes

Hurt and confused

Not knowing why she is a victim of mental-abuse

Why is it okay for a man to leave his family high and dry

To act as if his sperm wasn’t the other half of a recipe that will bear the beautiful life of a daughter

She is hurt

This phenomenon is prevalent  where she lives

Where homes are frequently vacant

Where pain will always reside

Where a child will always feel like a stranger to its parents

Her mind is in shambles

Locking her away in a mental-prison

Imprisoning her for life

She longs for his love, her love

Sadly, she takes a front row seat with others that are looking out of the same lenses

To see this cycle of mental-abuse recycling for the next generation of youth

A cycle of busy mothers and absent fathers

These children are mentally-drained

Bleeding tears from right out of this souls



That one day

Just one day

They will be let out of their mental-imprisonment



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