Live Your Life and Love Every Moment of It

English: Woman in the niqab (face veil) and ab...

English: Woman in the niqab (face veil) and abaya (long outer-garment) in Aleppo, Syria Français : Femme portant la niqab (le masque) e le abaya (la grande robe) à Alep en Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make love to your potential greatness

Give birth to the new you that will smell the summer air

Savor the fresh smell of coffee

that’s just been made at the coffee-shop on the corner

Pour out your tears over the recitation of the Qur’an

Don’t be shy for your Lord hears you

Walk freely down the street and lift your head high with your niqab

and let your eyes adorn your personality

Bend down at your old and worn converse shoes and take them off, twirl against the sun’s rays and love this moment

Dig into your pocket and call your mom and tell her you love her

Let your child play with your favorite business tie

Allow your mind to roam free, go in all directions, make dumb guesses in why you like pasta and not rice

Kiss your niece and let her know that she is special because she glows like the moon at night, shining so bright

Pray to your Lord in the middle of the night and cry to him without an excuse

Write down your anger, tear it up, and make love to beautiful dreams that will

wake you up with a smile



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