My Sister Never Deceive Yourself

Understand that your beauty is only one half of the world’s beauty
For your intelligence will forever linger in the minds of your offsprings
Keep pushing towards your mansion that lies high in the Jannah where angels lie
Where your clothes will only adorn the mind that Allah has bless you with
for never allow a man make you feel that being a woman means taking off your clothes
for Allah has given you clothing of intelligence
For a woman is more than what lies between her…shhh..dont say it
She is a queen amongst kings
The other half to the human-race
Never listen to those dogs that scream at you for they will only find a dog that will bark back
You are more than the body that Allah has given you
You are a servant of Allah
A Muslim above any other title that you can ever be given
One that submits to her Lord
In the early morning and the evening
Seeking to meet the face of her Lord
My sister never deceive yourself
You are much more than the price any man can put on you


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