Ya Mohamed, Keep Straight Upon Al-Siratul Mustaqueem

His name is Mohamed

Age 18

A young man that is told that the world is his 

Right there in his hands

A promising future if he could just remove a little bit of this and that

Telling him to strip away his beard

To remove the kufi that lies upon his head

To become Mo instead of Mohamed

To slowly de-Musli-fy himself

Ya Mohamed, Keep straight upon al-siratul mustaqueem

They are only beckoning you away from the straight path

Ya Mohamed, keep yourself protected

For Allah has blessed you with Al-Haqq

Promised you gardens in which rivers flow

Ya Habibity, you’re so much more than the words in which they may flatter you

The gifts in which may appeal to you

The promises that they may make to you

Stand strong Mohamed

For with Allah is true success




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