You Are My Inspiration

You make life seem a little less dark even when you are stuck finding your way in this confusing world

We used to play video-games and eat on McDonald’s burgers and fries. This was our little world

Where we could be free to be young and vulnerable. Finding fun in the small compact-sized controllers that seemed to be tools for us to experience life in such a simplistic way.

Where we could be young and never grow old until God took our souls. How this childhood happiness just never seemed to die and life was never going to separate us even in the least bit.

Where we found mystery between the bookshelves of the local library. Where our walks downtown found us in a local pizza shop. Where the security-guard was a bit too friendly towards the little girls. Yeah, we experienced life.

Where your smile will always leave a blueprint in my heart and your pain will always stain me eternally. The Prophet Muhammad said that whoever hurts his daughter Fatima will also hurt him. So, my love, my brother, remember that whatever hurts you hurts me.

If the sun never rise for you then remember that on this side of the world it will always be dark too. We are both one and we will never be separated even if there are mountains and long roads. Snow or rain. Darkness or light.

Your smile is gone and half of me is left wandering somewhere in the world. Leaving me half-emptied and without completeness.

Your essence is apart of my presence.

You will always be my inspiration even if you are sometimes absent.


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