He Search the Skies

He’s in love with her


Even though he’s never seen her

Never seeking to seek her out in bedrooms, bed-sheets, chat-rooms, or any illicit form of communication

He smiles and look towards the skies

Looking to see if God has placed for him a sign from up above

Searching to see if there is a hole in the heavens that would deliver the woman that he has fallen madly in love with 

Spending his free-time searching the skies and hoping that maybe he can have a piece of heaven

A piece of love that will never run dry

that will always taste like sweet tea on a hot summer-day

satisfying his every thirst

quenching his every need and want

He hopes that when she comes he can be the man she is seeking

someone that will listen to her cries when nobody is looking

that will wrap her up in his thoughts just so she knows that being human is okay

someone that will hold her heart and never let it go because everyone needs to know that someone will always love them

a man that will search her soul and sit down to know about her ambitions and wonders

He’s not looking for just any woman

He’s looking for just one woman

Who will come special-delivered and signed off by the one who had her delivered

He’s not looking for video vixens or airbrushed models on magazines

Or a bombshell diva from television

He’s looking for the one that will complete his deen, his religion

That will remind him of his everlasting purpose

A woman that will comfort his pain when he is down and wounded

Out for the count

A woman like Mary

Someone who will stay loyal to her Lord 

A woman like Khadija

someone who will stick and stay beside him

A woman like Aisha

someone who will challenge him 

See he’s not looking for just any woman

He’s looking for the woman

Maybe when he’s not searching the skies

Maybe when he’s tucked away at night

There will be a special hole created for him in the skies

And maybe that day he will have a wife that was special-delivered and signed off by God. 


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