Down In the Lowest Position

He enters
Alone and free from the outside world
Tears began to tremble deep within his soul
Unable to speak
He falls down to his knees
He doesn’t hear not even a creak
Raising his hands
In a whisper saying “Please”
Seeking to have a mends
Accepting anything that Allah decrees
Understanding that life sends us through many bends
But within his hands he pleads
Not wanting to follow current trends
Because within the pages of the Quran he reads
“Do you think you were created without purpose” and grins
His Lord has spoken the words he needed to hear and know this this life is all about doing good deeds
He longs to be with those that came before him
He longs to stand behind the Prophet Muhammad on the Judgement Day
His tears began to fall
Streams racing down his dark, warm face
Seeking to find His pleasure
No longer afraid of the world that has knocked him down to his knees
To the lowest place
Realizing that the words of His lord is true
He has been guided with purpose
No longer seeking current trends
No longer seeking the appraisal of those that do not know
That the only life is the life of the hereafter

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