A Love Like No Other

Many times throughout the day she would talk to him
Tell intimate secrets of her life
Asking for help and a little hope
You know…things sometimes get hard
Jasmine, a young woman of 18
never found a love so true
so deep
so real
Always finding time to seek out a place
to take out time
to whisper when others were around
to vent
to have someone to talk to
You know…things sometime gets hard
A recent divorce between her father and mother
An unexpected death of a cousin
An upcoming graduation from high-school
A recent marriage-proposal
She needed someone to confide in
To listen to her
To give her hope
A little reassurance
Her heart was heavy
Bearing weight she sometimes wasn’t sure she could hold
Eyes that would bleed pain
Hands that felt unsteady and sometimes shaky
In the early hours she would awake from her slumber
Slumped over in her hands
Calling him by His names
Reading His words
And praying that He will never leave her alone
in a world in which demons lie and souls are taken
in the blink of an eye


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