George: A Convert's Story Revealed

His beard became wet
Eyes moist from tears
that had long left their home
Fingers pacing against the words in his Qur’an
Stopping and picking up
Stopping and picking up
Heart beating
A midst the screams and fighting in the next room
George finds peace in the words of His lord
The blasting of a radio lingers through his bedroom’s door
He is alone
Sometimes scared
Parents with meager ends
Dissatisfied with the world, themselves, and a Muslim son
He makes dhikr
Louder and louder
Escaping his own pain and hurt
His reality
He looks out his window
with bars imprisoning him
looking through the small spaces
His heart thumps
The screaming and yelling
become cries
A door slams
Tears race down his face
The taste of salt reminds him that
this world is bittersweet and will never be satisfying
A prison for the believer


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