Just A Series of Hours,Minutes, Seconds and Moments

Let the world know that you are alive and well
Share your love with your spouse, your friend, your parents, your neighbor
Know that life is a series of days built around moments
Live your life
Let your tears fall
Let your face light up with your smile
Close your eyes and smell the fresh coffee brewing up at the local coffee-shop
Feel the soft carpet melt between your toes
Let the sound of birds chirping make you realize that every creature is a creature of Allah!
Let the sound of a baby-crying move you to comfort it by feeding it or cradling it in your long arms
Let your fingers find their way around the fingers of your spouse and hold it right there
Never let them leave
Look at your friend right there in the face and keep it…cherish it
Kiss the tears that run down your child’s face and tell them it is okay to not get an “A” because a “B” means brilliant and in your eyes they are brilliant
Take today and live it for tomorrow is not promised and the sky may not shine as blue tomorrow
Look up and know that your Lord may call you back at any moment
And that our lives are just series of hours, minutes, seconds


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