This Thing Will Never Define Her

She doesn’t want to be defined by
this thing
Defined by something that will never define her
Her eyes will not bleed tears signaling her pain
She’s in love with life
from the wind that rushes pass her in the middle of a forest
From watching stallions racing across the prairies grass
From the sounds of birds chirping for their young
a mother yelling out for her daughter the midst of a crowded store
The hot desert sand playing with the tassels that hangs from her headscarf
The sound of ocean water traveling to some unknown place
The smell of hot pizza from out the the oven in a nearby pizzeria
The gentle embrace of a young couple on a bench in the midst of a bustling city with loud noises and people making her blush and know that love will always be blissful
And that no matter the pain in which we undergo
the sky will always shine with the nur
the light of God
will always have angels prostrating to him in all conditions and times
Will always rely on Him
That happiness comes with contentment
That this thing will never wipe away her smile
Nor cause the stars to stop beaming so bright
Her eyes will forever glisten like the sun
Count her days as moments
As moments to be cherished
for this thing
Her cancer
will not define her
will never define her
Not today, not tomorrow
Not ever


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