His heart was left in Bahrain
With tears making their way through Kuwait
Lingering in Baghdad
Leaving them in Damascus
A man seeking a better life for a family of ten
Two wives and eight children
His heart will forever be with his family back in Bahrain
Where the taste of machboos will always soften his heart
With the adhan awakening the men in his community to pray the salat at the local masjid
Hands building schools for the local children
Eyes that have sought to see the good in everyone
A tongue that has spoken of only good to the people in his care
With men participating in the ardha for marriage ceremonies
His heart will forever be with Bahrain
Although his travel through distant lands will never make him forget
his tears have fallen from Bahrain to Syria
His heart has been broken into several pieces over and over again
The sound of his children laughing and playing
Dancing and singing
Jumping and shouting
Makes him remember that being a father is a blessing
The soft whispers from his wives makes him weak to his knees
Realizing that being a husband is a blessing
His recollections of his moments in Bahrain will never leave him


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