She Is Your Fantasy Unfulfilled

She is sometimes awaken

by the sound of birds chirping

Waking her up for the morning-prayer

Or by the cries of a baby-boy that yearns

for her touch and mercy

Or by the screams of war

crushing her internally

Or by the coldness of the night without

a home to go to for comfort and rest

Or by a husband’s opening of a

door from a long day’s work

Or by a call telling her that she

is needed at the hospital

Or by a younger brother that needs

help on a project that is

due for school tomorrow

Or by a cat that sits upon her


Or by the smell of hot pancakes being

made by a maid

Or by the sprinkler-system

in her lawn making music with each click and tick

She cannot be defined or imprisoned

to your definition on what it means to be her

Because she is a mother of three

in Unaizah

CEO of her local business in Wales

International student in Venezuela

coming from America

Volunteer at the local animal-shelter

Wife of a school-teacher in Basrah

Daughterof an imam in Jordan

Master’s student in Chemistry

Classmate of a classmate in Ethiopia

She is not a one-size-fits-all definition

of what it means to be a Muslim woman

She will never fit your definition

Play out your fantasy of her being this or that

Playing make-believe that she is her and what you see

on television must be true

That the stories of her in this country must be the story of her in another

Your label upon her will never be


She can never be one definition because she is several


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