A Love Unlike Any Other

Sometimes I sip tea in the early hours of the morning thinking about this uncanny love

Taking each sip as if its my last
Embracing the calming spices of cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint and chamomile
Reminiscing on the first moments of our unrelenting passion

Every passing day in which I awake from death I think about you
Even when I walk alone upon the earth I remember you
Some may look at us in demise, but I know that this is true
I look upon the clouds that are high up above and I see the trees that adorns the land in which I walk
This love is not like Bollywood films or the latest gossip

My heart beats constantly reminding me that you will always sustain me with every breath and every stride in which I take

My eyes sometime becomes blind from the tears in which I shed in the comfort of my home, in the privacy of my car, and the in the corner of a mosque in which I recite

The love in which I have for you will never dwindle or become a shattered memory of the past.

It will never linger on like a bad experience that will never go away

It will never hinder me like a broken heart that will take time to heal

It will never reduce me to being just another girl that is strung out over a man that was strung out over fulfilling his bittersweet desires

It will never leave me lonely to fall victim to acts of sinfulness

It will never leave me guessing about my purpose by delving into experiences that will leave me motionless and turned out by the coldness of this world

It will never leave me begging to find my place with a man that will never treat me as a woman with dignity

It will never leave me crying in the darkness for someone to love and to care for me

It will always leave me whole
It will always leave me with purpose
It will always leave me with love

Because with you, Islam
Because with you, my Lord

I am complete


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