A Darkened World

The world has become a darkened place

Where the screams of hunger makes it home in the stomaches of the folks next door

As the smell of our dinner lingers on its way

Seven intestines filled

Our eyes have become blinded to the mother with three children right down the right under the bridge

Our tongues has become weapons of mass-murder as we kill and destroy the honor

of those in our gatherings

Some people’s pocket has become heavy with a bankrupted faith emerging from heedlessness

Children finding their way in a confusing world in which parents have taken greed as their god

while guiding them on a path to destruction

Sweet words of lust races across the lips of lovers while clad in the place of

our forefathers

Hyprocritical claims of piety covering them in the garment of scholars

Oh, what a world we live in

Where appearances are not always true

Where words are eloquently spoken with not a drop of truth

Where the garment of scholars has become garments of deceit

Where greed has taken its place within our homes

Oh, what a world we live in

A place that has become darkened


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