Celebrating Today's Gift

The sun has taken its stance
as the winds are blown across the lands
taking young children by suprise
and adults by storm
as tea is laid to take its place on the table in the livingroom
as young women gather and mingle on an upcoming engagement from a charming suitor
as wives and husbands make their way from giving birth to a child that has reached the light of this world
where darkness will no longer keep them hidden from God’s beauty that lies within this worldly place
where the world will become it’s bittersweet haven until God takes its soul
Where the dandelions rock to the breeze of winds
far and near
When young men seek to finally take their stand and repeat the adhan into their infant’s ear
Where girls are no longer children, but women giving birth to generations of those to bear her legacy
Where the rain will never stop the party and darkness
will never cover the light
Where the name of Allah will always ring in the households of those with faith
Today is a celebration
a party
a flash mob of people celebrating
His name
giving Him all due praise


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