Her Heart Beats

He laughs as she takes his hand
cradles it against her beating heart
letting him know God will always provide and make a way
that tears are simply a sign of God’s mercy
that no matter the difficulty and pain
that the heart will always beat
beating on and on like a melody that will never stop
but will always continue like a stream of water
giving life to all things around it
that God will always give us a way and provide for us
even when we feel like the condemned of society
even when we feel like we are no longer important individuals
even when the world may seem like dismissing us
due to our strangeness
Where our supplications are the only things in which we hang on to in our times of need
where we hear the beating sound of our hearts
because in it is life
in heart there is good
and she let him listen
and feel
the beating of the heart
the pulsing of something good
of something that sustains
of something that keeps him going
where the angel that resides within will always entreat him to something of goodness
he weeps like a child
bowing down like a beggar to his Lord
seeking his aid
finding within this limp body
her heart beats like a melody that doesn’t stop
showing him that life must go on
and that through hardship
one must fall down onto his knees
and pray
for the heart beats
for life goes on


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