A Painful Love

The little girl within her wants to cry
Wrap her hands around the waist of her mother
place her head upon her chest
just to hear the beating of her mother’s heart
anyone’s heart
just to know that she is living
finding her image in the mirror as fragmented as her bruised soul
dying daily from the sweet words of a man
that has left her lifeless
life less than sweet
Sweet and innocent before she was turned out
Out came the reality of being young and in love
in love without precaution
precautions about men and being love
she a young woman
a woman that has grown closer to He
realizing that He has placed within her womb
a young boy that will massage her heart back to health
bring her back to life
life was more than memories of sweet words and his unfulfilled promises
the pulling of her flesh within her body brings her into tears
bleeding internally
yearning for more than an occasional conversation and an occasional visit
she bleed tears of regret
feeling the kicking of a being needing her sweet words
needing her comfort and love
she grows everyday
growing into a woman that has only yearned to be his counterpart
part girl part woman
unable to hold back her tears
unable to stop wondering why she is another woman that has fallen for a dream
a dream of true love
a dream of marital bliss and glam
the little girl in her is racing to the place she calls safe
finding her way next to the chest of her mother
hearing the beating of a heart
that hasn’t stopped beating
hasn’t stopped pumping
a woman now
a girl she isn’t
finding herself dangling between the two
dangling between being that girl that just want to cry away her pain
and being that woman that just want to question why she has grown up too fast
this is just another narrative
another experience of another woman
finding her way in a world in which sweet words and promising promises are not always so sweet or promising


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