Down the Road was Truth

He has grown to love the streets
to long for its people
to escape within its danger
to be swallowed up by the crowd
finding no love within the place he called home
growing up next to
Arabs, Puerto-Ricans, Blacks, and Indians
he found ectasy within the sweet melodies of
words that no longer resembled the language within his own home
far from the four-walls of a place he no longer
found comfort
he escaped with a world that intrigued him
got him motivated to seek out purpose
to find his way in dark alleys, beneath bridges, and in abandoned places
where poetry was recited by outsiders
where coffee was the third party within the conversation of two people
where laughter found its way even in the darkest of places
where the smell of bakhoor lingers from the local oil -shop at the end of the street
where young girls jump rope with pigtails
and young boys stare in their prepubescent years
not understanding the female anatomy
The sound of qur’an recitation lingers from the inner-most part of somebody’s heart
powerfully engaging the ears of those that passed by
the melodic words engulfed a soul
that drew closer to it with every word that was recited
the smell of jasmine tea intertwined with the recitation of Qur’an kept him standing
standing outside of a store that said “closed”
hanging up in the window
with faint lights within to only keep lit the room in the far part of the store
The recitation became stronger and powerful
louder and emotional
bringing the man into tears
placing within him questions
the man knocked
not a soul came to answer his knocks
so he sat there listening to the words that flowed so eloquently from the voice within the store
finding his heart immersed in a language he had only heard from his neighbors
but nothing like this
nothing that kept him in submission
nothing that kept him tied down
tears began racing from his eyes
find his hands supplicating
begging for purpose
seeking out his reason for living
for being alive
as he lifted his voice to supplicate
the door behind him opened quietly
as if not to disturb the soul that was supplicating to a being far removed from this worldly life
He bent down to offer the supplicating man
a cup of hot tea that he had smelt down the road
and invited him in to talk
The man accepted the invitation
and from there
He discovered his purpose
He discovered the truth
He discovered Islam


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