Her Secret Dance In India

Her feet dances among lilies and lotus flowers
Twirling in a saree that was deeply rooted in the roots of her heritage
A heritage lingering with the taste of freshly-made naan and Chai-tea
Embracing the sudden smell of biryani manifesting its way through her soul
Her smile becomes the centerpiece for her audience
Singing sweet ballads of love and destiny
Laughing and smiling as the sun kisses her soft caramel skin
Swaying to the tunes of chirping birds
Engaging in a continuous dance between her and the world
With her arms extending wide like the far-off horizon
Carrying the world on an intimate journey
As she revels in this secret corner of their own world
Embracing the world
Engulfed in the world
Free from the world
With her other half
Her Khaavand


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