The Male-Revolution Has Taken Place

He is no longer a young man that will continue to consume the media’s lies
No longer believing what they say about being male
Understanding that the hands of his mother
the conversations with his sister
are all signs of something bigger
Something bigger than degrading and objectifying women
Women holding within their wombs young baby boys in hopes of raising righteous kings
Righteous kings recognizing that all women are queens
He has awaken from this enduring slumber
No longer consenting to this male-bondage
Provoking a revolution that must be seen and heard
Vocalizing the stark reality that rappers are not role-models or model-citizens for defining the definition of being male
Being male means more than just taking and robbing women of their humanity and dignity
No longer confining his hands to stripping away the respect of women
He has started a revolution
Redefining the definition of being a male
Growing up in a place in which being misogynistic and a womanizer is acceptable as long as your bank roll has zeros at the end of it
No, he will no longer enslave his mother, his sister and future wife and daughters to this prison
This sentence for being women
He has provoked you
Stirring up within the deep depths of your soul a revolution that must be seen and heard
No longer accepting men being followers of a herd
Hoarding an old custom that women must remain within the checked-off box of objects
Things to simply be toyed with for personal pleasure
He is a new man
Manly enough to say that he is a man from the nation of the prophet Muhammad
No longer ascribing to women previous notions of them being things
Things as in objects
Objects as in tossing around
Tossing around as in a piece of trash
Trash as in worthless
No, he has started a revolution
Finding true guidance in a man that came as a mercy to mankind
Showing men that being male means being there
There as the counterpart to women
Women having to be treated with kindness
For the best of men are those who are best to their women
Women as in the helpers of men
Helping in enjoining the good and forbidding the evil
Evil is the place in which modern men have placed women
Women are no longer subjected to this degrading place because the revolution has now taken place
Awakening a new day
A new turn of events


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