If Only I Could Meet Him

If only I could just give him salams.
Send a letter by express mail
Or maybe have my father approach him.
To convey my love and gratitude.
To let him know that my heart has become attached.
Attached to the one that has liberated me beyond all measures
Even though we have never spoken or even met
I just want him to know that I love him.
That my love extends to him like an ocean
reaching out to its shores.
Finding peace upon their meeting of one another.
This longing have gone on too long
Too long for me to know that he is waiting on me, waiting on us
I will be pleased if my lord has placed in his book for this opportunity to be decreed
Even though my father is new to Islam I want him to know why I love this man so much
Why my heart has become attached to a man we both have never met
And why my eyes sometimes swell up upon hearing his most humble words
Words that make me think and make me act
Act in the best of ways
Ways that will only bring me closer to He
He above all in which he has created
Created was a man that has become guidance for so many
Many once lost and now freed
Freed from the world and its bondage
Bondage in which one can never be freed because they are confined
Confined now to his words upon my exit from the jahiliya
Jahiliya is no longer a life in which we strive for because in his words we have been guided
Guided by the best example of all of humanity
Humanity given a mercy
A mercy of the prophet Muhammad
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon him
My Rasul
Our Rasul
Sallalahu Alayhe wasalam


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