The sound of rain-drops

rushing to crash

end upon the ground in which we walk

sending through this complex place called my body

a jolt of reality of this this place we call Earth

racing back twenty-one years

when my being was being made

into me

dancing within my mama’s womb

playing charades within her belly

making imprints of my existence on her body

so quickly have time flown by

like the mingling of raindrops giving birth to


with sudden droughts depleting it

the collision of life and death

life being weaned away gradually

taking another soul

the air today smell just right

the mixture of life and death spun together

like a vinyl record being spun on a record player

just turning and turning until its end

just like our end

finding our way

sometimes stumbling and

making the wrong times

possibly the right ones


sometimes just breathing

crashing and burning along the way

experiencing the complexity of the

world in which we live

making way for this

making way for that

seeking to make the record play for eternity

even though the place in which we live

is finite



racing to fulfill our worldly lives

when our time will quickly come to an end

like the crash of a raindrop upon the ground


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