The Heart of Bliss

I want you to bend over and bury your hands beneath the earth
And embrace the crumbling soil that rocks in between your fingers
Feeling the rough and moist earth cradling in your hands
Intensify this rendezvous by pushing forth deeper
Within the deep depths of the earth
I want you to marvel in this enchanting experience
Experiencing love in new ways
Collapsing upon His earth and transcending
Turning your body slightly to see the sun’s rays kissing the dandelions that springs forth
Their roots deeply woven within the earth in which you found the definition of love
Feeling granules of soil caressing your fingers as you dig further
Closing your eyes to concentrate
Learning to finally give and not to take
Giving your all; igniting a new flame within the deep depths of your soul
Reveling in this new enlightenment
No longer with-holding this new fervor and zeal
Becoming one with love
Gleaming with a heart in ecstasy


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