Their War-Cries Have Sung for Too Long

Her wounds bleed thoughts of freedom

Mentally imprisoned to the confines of personal thoughts

Her war-cries have been sung for too long

Seeking an exit from a war that will never end

Engulfed in solitary confinement

watching day and night merging together as one

inventing a paradise that will never be

she sulks in her state of emergency

walking amidst the crowded markets

seeing others like herself

not really living

simply existing

a pebble among diamonds

a canary among vultures

Unrelenting servitude to him

never asking for pen and paper

to engage her thoughts

never reaching forth for a book

because she understands that

learning yields consequences

never to question authority

for men carry an iron fist

ready to take charge

ready for bashing and beating a woman

into submission

into her womanly place

understanding that servitude is apart of life

where women and girls serve up men

caressing their egos

lying limp upon beds

crying streams of pain internally

no dissenting here

dissenters need not apply

young girls being sold to the highest bidder

tears gushing forth from her big and beautiful eyes

simply yielding to cultural norms

women being told to know their place

that women must not speak unless spoken to

a young pup frighten among a sea of wolves

her tears are there

their tears are there

covered up by the bruises that clad their bodies

the guillotine that awaits their head if they seek to stray away

these are not the fictional characters one may read

in stories

or watch in movies

but these are the girls and women of the world

fighting to have a voice that can’t be lifted

fighting to have a life that can’t be lived

fighting to have justice that will never come their way

these girls are our sisters in humanity

when will you stand up to help fight their fight

to help fight our fight


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