A Nostalgic Lover of Life Living for the Hereafter

My heart has been torn into two
Too many choices to make
with the possibility of infinite regrets
Holding onto feelings of nostalgia of wanting/yearning
to return back to playground games and mischievous antics of child-play
filing in suit to the world around me
watching young girls turn grown
young boys become men
Friday nights becoming skate-night
Young souls finding comfort in each other’s secrets
The swooning of a young girl’s heart over her next
A young boy’s aggression being tested by grown cats on the corner
the sweet sound of the ice-cream truck making its appearance
the sound of youth resonating through the laughs and giggles of those playing hopscotch and hand-clap
the rapid game-play of boys trying to find their identity through a video game
Yeah, these were the days in which I yearn
where life was simple
where life was sweet
where life was youthful
Now, I gather the other half of this tattered heart
to find myself yearning for something more
for something real
something true
something deep
where life is more than just existing
but its living
where the sound of the adhan awakens my soul
where the Book of Allah provides me with hope and purpose
where the announcing of a janaza draws me closer to Him
for Him to we belong to Him we return
where my heart is no longer yearning for superficial joys and lusts
where I seek to be in his paradise
where I seek to join the righteous predecessors that came before me
where my heart will tremble upon the recitation of His words
I am yearning
I have yearned
I am no longer yearning
I am complete
I am a nostalgic lover of life living for the hereafter


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