One day, I’ll go off into the world, sit in a secluded spot with my pen and paper and with my life and the protection of my Lord. I’ll sit to listen to the birds chirp. I’ll go to feel the water race across my feet. I’ll go to allow the wind to take my breath away. I’ll go to watch the clouds march across the sky. I’ll go just to dig my fingers beneath the Earth and just let them settle. JellyfishI will find myself immersed in a world outside of my own. I will find contemplation. I will find ease and peace. I will find beauty. SubhanALLAH, I think about the last ten days of Ramadan, which is the itikaf or seclusion within the mosque. I couldn’t imagine. Just being able to take a step away from the rustle and bustle of life and to just reflect. It almost seems impossible for a Western to even fathom in the least bit. I will run barefoot on my own island and feel the granules of sand rushing between my toes. I will cry and be insulted by my privileged lifestyle of having the bare necessities of life when others aren’t given such pleasure. I will dance to the sounds of nature and not feel any ounce of guilt. I will be alive then. I will be freed.


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